You are looking for a method to overcome your feeling of discomfort,

You are going through a period of your life where you do not feel satisfied with your life choices and are not fulfilling your potential,

You wish to understand your difficulties and your malaise,

You are questioning your resilience and the way you handle challenges.

Perhaps time has come to think about your mental health.


If you wish to analyze the course of your life,

If you realize that you repeat the same patterns when dealing with matters that lead to failure and/or limited success,

If you wish to use your life experience and focus on the essential,

 We could help you!

During our first appointment we will identify your needs and objectives.

Together we will set the possible goals of psychotherapeutic work, its duration and frequency.

In order to move forward more confidently in the labyrinth of life,

To be able to better face internal and external challenges with greater resilience, and

To value your efforts and appreciate your evolution and better maintain a work/life balance,

A psychiatric and/or psychotherapeutic treatment may change your own perspectives and help you manage your psychological difficulties.