Integrated Psychiatry and Psychotherapy treatments (TPPI)

This type of treatment is appropriate for persons who suffer from proven psychiatric pathologies.

I propose consultations on a weekly basis, in some cases even less frequently. These consultations build on continuity, aim at managing pain, preventing relapse and are conducted within the frame of the treatment as a whole.

We will identify the biological, psychological and social factors causing, encouraging or fostering the psychic disorder.

From the therapeutic relationship and the patient’s resources, we will establish the diagnosis, define care strategies and determine a structured treatment plan.

The treatment will continue with the therapy as such and will include:

  • biological aspects (medication),

  • social measures, and

  • psychotherapeutic activities (e.g. construction of a therapeutic alliance, psychotherapeutic work with the patient and the family, support in professional and/or social insertion, etc.).

With regard to complex and resistant disorders, our objective is to enable the patient to reach the maximum level of psychological, physical and social independence (the optimal level is not a standard level but is specific to each individual).