The principles of my psychotherapeutic and medical practice

My goal is to maintain a high level of clinical and therapeutic skills through various psychiatry and psychotherapy approaches.

I therefore regularly attend ongoing training sessions to maintain, reinforce and improve the quality of my services.

I find it essential to respect both the patients and their relatives to deal effectively with suffering and pathologies.

I commit myself to the integrity, discretion and complete confidentiality required by my profession.

Psychotherapy is the predominant activity of the treatments I provide. I base my approach on psychodynamics but also use techniques issued from cognitive-behavioral and systemic schools.

These techniques allow me to help the persons who suffer to regulate their perceptions, emotions and behaviors, so as to relieve their suffering and to engage in a process where they feel more satisfied with their life and can see significant changes in the way they function.

Regular, assiduous and continuous consultations will enable the changes sought in psychotherapy.

My view on medication is very open. Medication does not have the same healing effect as a psychotherapeutic treatment but has the benefit to bring some psychological and physical comfort. It also allows the reduction of the symptoms associated with mental suffering such as distress, anxiety, depression and psychotic symptoms.