Assessment of mental suffering; diagnosis;

medication options and possible follow-up treatment

During our first doctor-patient session, we will assess the intensity of your pain and the difficulties you face. We will also discuss the range of possible treatments.

Our conversation as well as the description of your discomfort will allow me establish a first diagnosis and explain the methods we will use to overcome your difficulties.

Psychic suffering is studied in psychopathology, which defines and provides various classifications of mental disorders (DSM-V, ICD-10).

This medical classification allows the understanding of mental disorders symptoms.

For instance, this classification includes:

  • Neurotic disorders,

  • Anxiety, emotional and mood disorders,

  • Food disorders,

  • Phobias,

  • Psychosomatic disorders,

  • Difficulties in emotional regulation and

  • Sleep disorders.

It may sometimes be indicated to prescribe psychotropic medication. I can assist you in the management of such medication, including complex poly-medication. In such a situation, I will structure and ensure a constant follow-up of any psychotropic medication.

However, please note that I will not prescribe any methadone treatment.

Evaluation, analysis and orientation for couple and family problems

This type of therapy is appropriate if you wish to overcome couple difficulties and/or if you want to solve family problems. It aims at understanding the relational dynamics and solving transgenerational problems.

With your participation and cooperation, we will find ways to overcome obstacles, to express the unspoken and to resolve conflicts situations.

Our objectives will be to:

  • Identify the problems in the light of both the context and the family history,

  • Assess areas of conflicts and dysfunctions within the couple and / or the family,

  • Suggest problem-solving strategies,

  • Address you to a psychotherapist specialized in systemic therapy when indicated.

All our treatments/services, including the psychotherapy conducted by a psychologist, are recognized and reimbursed by all Swiss health insurances (compulsory insurance), by the vast majority of international health insurance companies such as UNSMIS, UNIQA or Van Breda , as well as a number of supplementary insurance.