Alex Gonzales Groza 

Clinical and Social Psychology degrees obtained in 2002; Anthropology degree obtained in 2007 and title FSP Psychotherapist obtained in 2017.
I started my career in the field of mental health care in 1991 at the Préfargier clinic in Neuchâtel, where I first worked as an assistant-caregiver.
After obtaining my degree in psychology at the University of Neuchatel in 2002, I intensified my practice at the Psychiatric Center of Neuchâtel as a collaborator in the Department of Psychology. There I was involved in the care of hospitalized patients treated for various conditions such as mood disorders, behavioural disorders, personality disorders, psychotic disorders, addictions, etc. I also took in charge the multidisciplinary aspects of their social reintegration.
As I pursued my training, I grew particularly interested in medical anthropology, which strengthened my understanding of the suffering of migrant populations, individuals with diverse socio-cultural experiences and who require treatment based on Western psychopathology while incorporating understanding of the socio-cultural heritage linked to origins.
I opened my private practice as independent psychologist-psychotherapist in Geneva since 2007.
Between 2008 and 2013, I followed a postgraduate psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy training. I obtained the title of Psychotherapist FSP in 2017. (Federation of Swiss Psychologists)
Between 2010 and 2014, I was brought to work closely with people suffering from psychic disorders and who requiring specialized treatment at the Administrative Detention Center of Frambois.
The psychotherapeutic treatments that I offert today are based on the acquired clinical knowledge. They reflect an interest and focus primarily rooted in the deep need to understand and reduce individual suffering.
I can provide assistance and deliver care in several languages:
• French
• English
• Romanian
• Serbo-Croatian